Illustration by Lesley WimbushM
Seating for one
Seating for one

By Russ Bond
Last week I tooled around Halifax in the latest sub, sub, mini, sub compact, the Scion iQ – it has seating for four in a ‘city’ car. Then, last week I saw a study from the US that stated, ‘at any one time, 87 percent of the passenger cars in North America only have one person in them.”
So, it seems to me that in today’s world it is only a matter of time until some manufacturer decides to build something that fits, well, one person…it would fit 87 percent of those on the road at any given time in North America.
Enter the Audi Urban.
Now, the Urban is a 1+1, so technically a two-seater, but as it is only in the concept stage right now, I have my money on it ending up as a single seater – plus it fits my theory nice.
Audi says, “the Audi urban concept combines elements of a racing car, a fun car and an urban car into one radical new concept. In addition to a Sportback model, Audi is also presenting a Spyder variant.”

Two e-tron electric motors provide the propulsion – providing the ultra-light Audi urban concept with the ability to accelerate powerfully. A lithium-ion battery supplies the energy – ideal for extended city tours.
If the Audi becomes reality, the benefits to us, the consumers is that while the Urban may not be our only vehicle, it is definitely one that will fit our needs – especially those in that city commute each day. The weight and fuel savings alone – in these times – nearly justifies its existence. Manufacturers are always looking to save weight, and getting rid of three, four or six seats that are never used, and the additional space used by those seats assures manufacturers of a huge savings.
The key is that the Urban must be priced as a ‘second’ car. If Audi can do that, then the Urban will fit many of our needs, and if you are wondering how much use you could get out of it…my guess is about 87 percent of the time you drive, the Urban will fit you quite nicely.