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How Lifestyle Affects House Design


I can still hear the crunch of the gravel drive beneath the tires of Grandpa’s Dodge Fury in my grandparents’ house in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I recall how well the home appeared to fit them and also my great-grandmother, who dwelt together, and the way everything had its own place in their dwelling. In that easier time houses were smaller and less complicated, as were the lives of these people those homes sheltered. They were quite comfortable in their small ranch. It was not a custom-built home, but it was unlike some of the other people in their own area. It was little, but ample, and it’d personality. Understanding my Grandfather, I am sure he shopped to get the best deal on the road, but he also understood building and acquired himself a good construction of quality stuff.

When as an Architect, I started to think critically about home layout, I wondered how that home was that fit them so well. I love to believe that their silent little homestead was designed and constructed with craftsmanship and care by somebody who had a fairly good idea of the type of household which may love to reside there. Our own lives are more diverse and complicated now, and also the plan of our houses should encourage and reflect that.

The chances for architectural innovation in home design today are infinite – brand new materials, goods, and building techniques are continuously being introduced, and new technology are having an effect. Unlike days ago when historic fashions ruled home layout, our choices these days are wide open. We’re absolutely free to translate fashion, or to make our very own to fulfill our aesthetic needs.

However, all of these available layout tools are too infrequently utilized to make homes which are molded into the lifestyles of the owners. Rather, homebuyers wind up having to pick from among a couple of floor plans created to appeal to a wide market, and then trying hard to give it character and personality with only paint, carpeting, and furniture. We attempt to produce a home “ours” with decorating and features rather than believe that it’s the architectural design itself which brings a home to life.

We lose sight of what is possible and end up with just another home rather than a house.

Designing and constructing a new house is a chance to make something brand new, something special, something as individual as you. We are working on many houses that withstand any stylistic categorization due to their inspiration, their own “personality” comes in the lives that their owners direct. These houses are constructed with personality as the significant building material – the design along with the “decorating” can not be separated.

Houses such as these are so far greater than only the amount of bedrooms and the dimensions of this floor plan – they are those which you return to appear at again and again again and think, “wow, there is something about that house which I love”. Everything you enjoy about these homes is the end result of those owners having taken an active part in producing the layout from the very start. They realize that houses are made from life, of love, of thoughts, of fantasies, and of course spaces — not of dwelling rooms, crown molding, and draperies.

Our discussions with these customers do not start with, “the number of bedrooms do you require?” Or “how large a home would you like?” , they begin with “what are the fantasies and just how do you need to live?” .

Those talks, as well as the designs that come from these, are exactly what a truly custom home is all about.

Fantastic home layout brings individuals together in agreeable ways. It provides for your household as a whole, and also for every person’s privacy. Fantastic design does all of those things, and it begins by taking the opportunity to ask customers about the particulars of their everyday lives. What’s the first thing to do if you awaken in the morning-head right to your down or down into the coffee maker? Do the children eat breakfast in the dining table or do they catch a pop-tart along the way from the doorway?

A current client of mine explained her family’s consumption style because “hit-and-run”. That tiny pun tells me a excellent deal concerning the layout demands of her kitchen – much more than I would detect poring over cupboard catalogs with her. We spend hours speaking with our customers before one line is drawn. To devote some less an attempt to an assessment of the character of the family would be to rob them of their advantages of custom house design.

Lifestyles vary from generation to generation, and homes should change also. And still, the vast majority of homes built today are little more than updated versions of 300-year older Colonial designs. Incredibly, we’re still constructing parlors and formal dining rooms for households which never use them. A better home and a better living experience will be the outcomes when customer and Architect work closely with each other to analyze the uniqueness of their customer’s lifestyle and the way that it molds and informs the plan of the house.

My grandparents moved south to retire several decades back, leaving that old home behind for another family.

I wonder whether it matches the new owners and it did my grandparents, or when they have had to make modifications to adapt their special way of life?

I hope they have not paved the drive.

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