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Cleaning Up After Construction

Building clean up is the most important step in the evolution of a property that is clean.  Because you might be stuck with mistakes made by an inefficient or inexperienced cleaner.

If you have ever lived in an older house that still has outdated labels on the toilets, scratches on the floors or windows or just hired a cleaner that did a lousy job on your brand new house than you will know what I am talking about!

Construction Cleanup is more than just a quick vacuum plus a quick mopping.  Walls need to be dry dusted (ceilings and crown moldings too!).  Window sills will need to be dusted, vacuumed and wiped.  The same applies to sinks and cupboards.  Labels (windows and vanities) have to be removed correctly (more about that in a subsequent entry).  Check with the builder to make final inspections are completed before removing labels.

When the dust settles the ground could be vacuumed a few times until there’s no evidence of dust.  Vacuuming means cornering, edging and getting down on your hands and knees and cupboard tracks.  Any caulking paint or glue stains can be removed.  This is a meticulous process that if not done properly will lead to unsightly gashes to your floors, windows, and dressing.

The structure of properties is normal in any city or town that’s focused on growth and modernization.  Hence, there would always be a few construction activities.  It could be a renovation or home construction.  This might be for a domestic house or commercial property.  After the construction or renovation works, there would be a lot of dust and debris flying about.  The property may look great but not inhabitable or usable until it is cleaned up completely.  This is never a satisfying task as building workers tend to dump lots of leftover parts rather than disposing of them effectively.  It is necessary to hire post-construction.

Scope of cleaning

Different states may impose different legislature on post-construction cleaning.  However, there may be some loopholes in the legislature where builders or renovators would engage to escape a thorough cleanup for their customer.  This is particularly so when the work’s full payment has been settled.

Hence, homeowners would want to spend more on hiring an expert post-construction cleaning team to acquire the premise functional or habitable using a thorough cleanup.

Professional cleaners would utilize their team of cleaning pros and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to clean up the dust, dirt, and dirt off the assumption quickly before the furnishings and furniture can be applied or installed.  The walls would need to be washed before painting as the presence of dust or grime would not permit the ideal paint to remain for long.

The floors would need to be polished and cleaned before the rugs can be laid.  Before the curtains can be put up the windows would have to be cleaned.  The ceilings would have to be wiped before lighting can be set up.

Interior decor cannot be executed if the entire assumption is not thoroughly cleaned following the builders or renovators leave.

Cleaning team

An expert cleaning team for any residential or commercial assumption must be well trained and qualified with the right experience to deal with a post-construction clean-up task.  There must be sufficient manpower to handle the cleanup project as the assumption could be large and the property owner needs the assumption cleaned.  This is the case when the tenant wishes to move in and commence business as speedily as possible as time is money to business ventures.

The cleaning staff must be able to take care of commercial cleaning equipment with little supervision.  They must be in sprucing up the premise to the total satisfaction of the house owner or their customer dependable.

Post Building Cleaning-Get a Tidy and Organized Look

We must agree to the fact that how hard may we try, we can’t perform the cleaning task since the pros of PuroClean San Antonio, TX does.  The main reason is that they are skilled and trained to take care of the cleaning of various areas.  They know how to proceed with the cleaning job step-by-step.

If you’re seeking Post construction cleaning, then contact any professional cleaner who will help you out in handling the job.  They are empowered with teams of cleaning specialists and equipment that can perform the cleaning job.

Professional post construction cleaning experts thoroughly wash out the building after contractors or renovators depart the premises.  They provide clean up services such as washing walls up, getting rid of dust, disposing of debris and leftover components.  After employing a professional cleaner who can do it all for you you may relax.

Floor Stripping and Waxing-Extend the Floor Life

Floor stripping and waxing are also in demand.  It’s imperative to keep up the shine of this ground.  With floor cleaning services, the removal and waxing of the flooring can be done.  Each visitor is impressed by A shining floor.  But some places in your office or homes receive footfalls and the flooring gradually loses its glow.

The shine can be retained with proper specialist cleaning solutions.  It makes the floor look attractive but also extends its life.

The stripping of flooring can be accomplished first, which can be followed closely with the waxing.  The stripping is needed to eliminate the floor of the stains.  Additionally, it helps in retaining its appearance.  Flooring cleaners leave it and apply the product that is stripping on the floor and they proceed with the process.  It is helpful to eliminate the accumulated dirt on the floor.

The stripper and the old end are lightly filtered away from the surface.  The finish is applied which enhances its look When the floor is cleaned with water.

Waxing will help in protecting the cleaned surface of the floor.  It aids the floor to stay away from the stains.

Three Phases to Construction Cleaning

There are 3 general stages, or phases, to construction site cleaning services.  There are routine construction site cleaning an original cleaning program, and cleanups.  In each stage, a particular degree of cleaning is facilitated with patterns and tasks.  These routines increase the degree of security onsite, as well as, allow performance and access for the remaining part of the building schedule.

Initial Phase of Building Site Cleaning

Initial construction site cleaning services are required once the framework of a house is completed.  When the electricians and technicians are finished with their portion of their construction, the initial cleaning can start.  Within this step, stickers removed from all major appliances and are peeled from windows, leftover garbage, and debris is swept up and removed, a full-service deep-sweep and dusting are completed, and all other leftovers or unnecessary garbage is discarded.  Once these tasks are accomplished, the site is about to carry on more preparations and construction, such as cabinets, painting, fixtures, and floor installations.

Phase Two of Structure Cleaning

Within this stage, the cleaning team will facilitate a more sophisticated and concentrated level of cleaning.  This includes meticulous and very careful cleaning for places such as bathrooms, restrooms, sinks, showers, bathrooms, cabinets, shelving, countertops, and more.  Every square inch is covered, from door frames to window ledges.  Settled dust, debris, and dirt are wiped clean and all places are sanitized thoroughly.  This measure is almost always intended to be completed before the contractor’s final inspection of the property.

Final Period of Post-Construction Cleanup

In the last phase of building site cleanup, staffs undergo a”punch list” after all of the construction is finished.  This includes all cleaning particulars to make the property perfect for viewings or openings.  The punch list entails polishing, caulking, sealing, power washing, and”white glove” inspections.  It’s the final and final step before the property is finished.